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Core Benefits is peace of mind with Long term care

Peace of mind for the long road ahead

One day you may not be able to get yourself out of bed ... much less walk to the bathroom due to your compromised balance and strength.

How would this affect the lifestyle of your partner or spouse?

If you are single, how would this condition affect your children?

Unfortunately, all parties will be affected and will have to make changes to their lifestyle to accommodate your ill health.

The number one reason why people purchase long term care insurance is so they will NOT be a burden to their families. Proper planning for an extended healthcare need will save you time, money ... but most importantly, it will keep your family together. Ignoring this type of preparation often results in family strife.

Why Core Benefits?

Once you've experienced the benefits of careful strategic planning, you become aware of the true benefits of insurance ... especially long term care.

Nothing hurts more than losing a parent unexpectedly. That is what happened to Lawrence Sin (Core Benefits, founder/owner) in 1969 when his father suddenly died of a heart attack. Thankfully, his father had two life insurance policies that helped his mother and siblings through their difficult period. Currently, Lawrence takes care of his relative who has advanced Alzheimers. For Lawrence, helping families properly plan for Life's surprises is a personal mission he has been on for almost 30 years.

Our areas of concentration are the following:

  1. Long Term Care planning
  2. Medicare Insurance options
  3. Life Insurance and Life Settlements

LACERA Long Term Care

The LACERA long term care program started over 20 years ago in the mid 1990's. Back then, a board of director's spouse suffered a stroke. He was suddenly tasked to look for care for her. In his research, he learned that none of his LA county benefits covered custodial care. He soon realized that ALL of LA County employees were without this valuable benefit and were exposed to this huge risk. He entrusted our Program Coordinator, Lesley Buffum to get the program up and running.

Fast forward, over 20 years later, Lesley and her team are still here serving LA County employees and their families. Core Benefits is honored to be part of the LACERA LTC team. Our #1 priority is to serve the employees of Los Angeles County and members of LACERA with Honesty, Integrity and Transparency. Of course, excellent service, comes with each interaction. Give us a call today. Let us help you put together an affordable long term care plan that will protect you and your family. It will be your Core Benefit.

Plan for peace of mind

Financial Planning for You

Core Benefits Insurance Agency, Inc. helps people in three ways:

  1. Plan for the future
  2. Protect your family's financial well-being
  3. Prepare for the unexpected

Core Benefits

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