The Infinite Banking Concept (IBC aka privatized banking) is about saving your money in a smarter more tax efficient manner than using a traditional bank or credit union. IBC allows you to grow your savings in a guaranteed compound interest rate environment. The growth of your money is several points higher than a savings or money market account. The Cash value that builds up in your policy is Liquid. It is ready to be deployed when an opportunity presents itself. An automobile purchase, home renovation projects, College funding, wedding or travel. The list is endless of how you can use your Cash value for major purchases. Your cash value grows in a tax free environment out of the purview of the IRS and creditors.

If someone sues you, they do not know you have money in your policy. It is Private and Protected. Only you and the Insurance company know it exists. Hackers and thieves cannot gain access because only you can authorize a distribution. Best of all, your cash value grows in an uninterrupted compound interest TAX FREE environment.  Lawrence Sin is an Authorized Practitioner of the Infinite Banking Concept through the Nelson Nash Institute.